Job Placements


Wings for future

ECR has one of the best and brightest pool of aviation, management and hospitality talent across the world. Your organisation would benefit greatly to hire from ECR for your talent requirements. ECR follows a lateral hiring process that is spread over 3 to 4 months giving both recruiters and students time to find their best fit.

We invite companies to visit our campus and interact with students through pre placement activities such as presentations, competitions, speaker sessions, consulting projects etc. Students get the opportunity to understand company philosophies, recruitment strategies and talent requirements, thus making an informed decision on their career choice.

In its 4th year now, ECR is spread across 43 acres of campus and operates as ‘School of unlimited Opportunities’. The unified class with identical class composition at ECR comprises students from diverse academic, professional, cultural, geographic and social backgrounds and makes ECR the largest talent pool among premier Aviation and Management colleges in India.

The placement team would love to hear from you on how we can help you meet your recruitment and talent needs for the coming year and invite you to be a part of our placements process. To learn more about recruiting from the current final year class that graduates email us at