Retail Management

Career in Retail Industry

One of the oldest industries in the world. The industry has continued to grow since India’s independence. It provides ample job opportunity to the public and allied industries and services. Anyone with good interpersonal communication skill will do better in the sector as compared to others that do not possess this skill.

It encourages entrepreneurship as anyone can set up his/her own retail store. It is not necessary to work for a company. The skills acquired in the course come in handy to start one’s own business venture. An individual has fixed hours of work but many times it may extend to long hours and even one may have to work on weekends.
Retailers have been providing one of the most important services. They buy large quantities of goods and sell them in small quantity. That way manufacturer keeps selling bulk item to the wholesaler. The wholesaler then sells the goods to a retailer. The retailer sells to product as per the quantity required by the customers. The retailer of course charges a small commission in the process which is his profit.

Different sectors of Travel and Tourism
Travel and tourism comprise of different sectors. They usually vary vastly from each other in terms of operation. The field may be divided into various sectors.

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Promotions and Advertising
  • Information and Distribution Systems
  • Human Resource Management

Do keep in mind that these are just a few options available. Many do not realize even individual ‘ventures’ have a secure future in the retail industry.


One has to have a good acumen when it comes to dealing with a customer. Retail is a lifelong process and individuals keep growing and understanding new things about retail throughout their lives. Always learning something new and meeting new people. Management skills of an individual are tested under stressful circumstances. Well groomed, ironed clothes, pleasant personality, good communication skills etc are just a few qualities a retailer must possess.

In comparison to other sectors retail is less hectic. The hours are fixed and leave from work aren’t a problem. Traveling is minimum if you’re interested in a nice quiet life, then a career in retail perfect for you. The pay scale is in the accordance to the work done. Fresher’s earn a good salary as well. As one gains experience he/she becomes eligible for promotion and also receives an increase in the salary.