Bachelor Of Hotel Management (BHM)

Bachelor Of Hotel Management

B.H.M or Bachelor of Hospitality Management is one of the highly job oriented field; it covers a wide range of services including food service, accommodation and catering. The hotel management field is always been a hot career options among the students, with the globalization more and more hotel industries as expanding their business to the global markets which has created a huge demand of hotel management professionals. The Hotel management is an undergraduate Management course. Hospitality management is the academic study of the hospitality industry. Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) provides students with sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out the administrative operations of clinical and support service departments. The Candidate of Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) is involved in the overall coordination of activities of the hospital. The duration of the course is three years and its syllabus is divided to six semesters. After passing the course they have many job options in various fields.


Bachelors of Hotel Management is a professional four year degree course spread over eight semesters.The program address the operational and managerial aspects of the hospitality industry.There is a fine blend of practical and theory mandatory subjects.

  • Create a blue print to your hospitality career & get exposed to crucial hospitality management concepts.
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Hotel Industry, Commercial Kitchen Operations, Food & Beverage Service and the Wines.
  • Introduction to key principles of Human Resources, Customer Centered Marketing and specific Finance & Accounting for Hotel industry.
  • Focus on delivering superior performance and value to your customer.
  • To provide our students with an in depth understanding of the operational aspects and knowledge of the underlying principles of the International Hospitality Industry.
  • Allow students to become familiar with the practical aspects of the hospitality industry and the strategic management issues involved in operating International Resorts and Hotels.
  • Present to them an avenue to move into range of international organizations in service sector.
  • To train students for operational and administrative supervisory & management positions.
  • Prepare graduates for management careers in industry sectors such as Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Liners, Restaurants and Catering Organisations.


Students who have completed two – year pre-university (class XII or 10 + 2) course of Karnataka state or equivalent there to, are eligible to seek admission to the BHM degree course.

The course of study leading to the comprises the following:

Semester I

  • English I
  • French I
  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Food Production I
  • Accommodation Operations I
  • Food Production Practical I
  • Accommodation Operations Practical I
  • Constitution of India
  • Co- and Extra Curricular Activities

Semester II

  • English II
  • French II
  • Food Production II
  • Food & Beverage Service I
  • Accommodation Operation II
  • Food Production Practical II
  • Accommodation Operations Practical II
  • Human Rights & Environment
  • Co- and Extra Curricular Activities

Semester III

  • Food Production III
  • Food & Beverage Service II
  • Front Office Management I
  • Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Nutrition & Food Science
  • Food Production Practical III
  • Food & Beverage Service Practical I
  • Computer Applications I
  • Co- and Extra Curricular Activities

Semester IV

  • Food Production IV
  • Food & Beverage Service III
  • Front Office Management II
  • Principles of Management
  • Hotel Accounting
  • Food Production Practical IV
  • Food & Beverage Service Practical – II
  • Computer Applications -II
  • Co- and Extra Curricular Activities

Semester V

  • Food Production V
  • Food & Beverage Service IV
  • Finance Management
  • Applied Behavioral Science
  • Facilities Management
  • Hospitality Information Systems
  • Food Production Practical V
  • Food & Beverage Service Practical III

Semester VI


Semester VII

  • Food Production VI
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Hotel Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Food Production Practical VI
  • Food & Beverage Service Practical IV

Semester VIII

  • Rooms Division Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Tourism & Cultural Heritage of India
  • Project in Area of Specialization