Travel and Tourism


The sector has seen growth globalization. As more and more people are now travelling to new destinations or old favorite ones. The sector will come into more demand. An individual must have a knack for travelling besides having clear communication skills.

The sector takes people around the world. But, remember while working in the sector your taking care of travelers. So, it is imperative to have the understanding of what travelers go through during their journey to provide the best services. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the sector generates around 284 million jobs around the world. It also has 9.8 percent of world GDP. Travel and tourism is one of the largest sectors in terms of employment generation.

Different sectors of Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism comprise of different sectors. They usually vary vastly from each other in terms of operation. The field may be divided into various sectors.

  •    Conference/Convention:  We have all seen those Hollywood movies in which the lead actor has to attend a conference or a convention. Well, someone has to organize it right? This is where you come in, making travel, stay, food, venue arrangements for the organizers.
  •    Airlines/Transport:  Deals with making travel arrangements for clients. Hence knowledge of rules and regulations (international and domestic) is important. Efficiency and punctuality in lettings the task are essential.
  •    Ecotourism:  Tourism in regards to natural environments. Its support and conservation efforts. Observing wildlife. It is quite evident from the explanation that knowledge of nature and animals will come in handy here. The information is important as clients will rely on you to answer their questions
  •    Outdoor Recreation:  Deals with a lot of adventure activities such as hiking, cycling, treks etc. Physical fitness and a spirit of adventure is necessary.
  •    Hotels, Food and Beverage:  If you like being a host and take care of their needs, this sector is fit for you. Deals in making the clients stay comfortable. One should have knowledge of food and beverages to able with efficiency.
  •  Arts and Culture:  Travelers under this category usually look into the artistic and cultural heritage of a destination. Having the knowledge of these two aspects of the region an individual is working from is necessary.
  •    Ancillary services associated with tourism :  Every sector in the world has ancillary services related to it. You may not be a part of the industry but play an important role in functioning of it. E.g. Airline pilots.


Since the industry is service based it is essential to be flexible, patient and have good communication skills. Upsides of the job is travelling to new places while down side would be the long hours of work.


The sectors represent a country or a state. It is responsible for creating jobs. Making a profits should certainly not be a priority. Welfare of local communities while protecting the environment has to be.

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