How do we ECR College of Nursing help young aspirants to achieve the next level?

Before you push your nursing career to the next level some key traits and qualities are required in all areas of nursing, regardless of the nursing profession you would like to pursue.


  • To provide a strong education for specialized training in nursing who can work in a variety of conditions which contribute to professional development effectively.


  • To prepare a community of well-qualified nurses who can hold leadership roles.


  • To enhance their effectiveness to systematically review research outcomes


  • gain expertise in the conduct of theoretical and practical nursing studies.


  • To encourage the narrower study of nursing to train them for distinctive roles such as nurse specialist, physician assistant, counselor, researcher, mentor.


  • To eliminate the shortage of well-qualified nursing practitioners in our country.


It’s thrilling to get the chance to wear your nursing uniform for the first time. In your degree course such as BSc in Nursing, you will learn about the 5 C’s in nursing — Commitment, Conscience, Competence, Compassion, and Confidence. The 5 C’s will come automatically to you if you are serious about helping your patients and it is one of the life-changing experiences of being a nurse is job-satisfaction. In the end, this self-satisfying journey of serving patients from their grips of suffering to seeing them return to full health can fill you with satisfaction.


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